About Us

We are a small privately held Veteran Family Founded sports shooting equipment business. Our small shop currently only produces a small number of accessory’s per month We take pride with pure intention of producing a just product for the embitterment of a shooter physical stance, with outstanding performance and proper true fitting for all types of shooters. We understand that to win, you must be passionate about doing everything possible to be successfully on the target. A Stock fit is very personal, our Custom Ambi Elite Tube Stock System’s will make your rifle, shotgun, or crossbow fit properly and consistently for shots more precise. The goal is to develop a lighter tube stock system with superior stability and easier repeated target reacquisition.

C-1 products will join in the Sportsman, competition, target shooting, long range shooting, hunting, accessory industries for improvements in today’s shooting industry.

Our basic goals and Core Value:

Do What Works, Do It Better, Make A Difference

  • C-1 Performances primary intent is help others by providing the Ultimate ergonomics for all sportsman shooter’s rifle, shotguns, and cross bow stock.
  • Provide 100% customer satisfaction to be beneficial to all shooters.
  • Provide all shooters with a better product for increased enjoyment of shooting.
  • Maintain forward thinking in knowing where the market is going to obtain sustainably for business success.
  • Maintain the highest ethical standards at all levels to develop a lighter tube stock system with superior fit and stability with faster target acquisition.
  • Expand product growth; increase company vision while increasing company growth & value.
  • Focus on our employee’s overall wellness held to high standards.
  • To provide top quality workmanship, to maintain stringent quality components in our products for all our clients that will help them positively increase target shooting.
  • Always send a note of thanks with sale to customer.
  • That will be our TRUE proof of Success !!!
  • Ambi Elite design sets the bar with a true shift in weapons mechanics.

Our Mission

Being the Best We Can Be, to be the Best for You! By helping to make a product better for the enjoyment of others it helps in making life better for all of us as well. That brings us together more. The more we can do for others, the better life becomes, for all America. One Nation, Under God, Indivisible with Liberty and Justice for ALL. Preserve Liberty, Freedom, Right to Choose, & Rule of Law!

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