Terms of Fitting an Ambi Elite Stock

The Functions: Drop Butt* Heads Up* Face Up

Stock Weld

This is the place where your cheekbone ledge and the stock meet. Shooters go through great lengths to duplicate placing their cheek in this exact spot shot after shot. Think of your cheekbone ledge as your anchor point, but if you can’t consistently bring the gun to your anchor point raising it to your cheek, to the same place time after time after time, without moving your head, there is improper stock fit.

One of the key components of accuracy and recoil control management is proper body and head position. The shooter should have the sight eye aligned directly down the barrel with the head as straight up position with level eyes when tube stock is against the cheekbone ledge on the anchor point. Basic rifle marksmanship teaches this, but somewhere rifle shooters have forgotten this.

Cast Off

An offset of a gunstock to the right so that the line of sight aligns comfortably with the right eye while the butt of the stock rests comfortably in the right shoulder pocket.

Almost all shooters benefit from a little cast-on/castoff and most custom-built guns are made this way. The only question is how much? The castoff of a gun is about right when, with the gun comfortably mounted and the front sight lines up with the center of the standing breech under the right eye.

Cast On

A stock offset to the left, for shooting from the left shoulder is said to be Cast On. If the gun is correctly cast, the gun barrel and rib will always come up to the right place under the eye. Otherwise, one will shoot a little bit more to one side or the other.

A Parallel Comb

This also ensures that the head is strait up and eyes are always correctly positioned on the tube stock in relation to the barrel rib. You should be looking right down the middle of the rib and just a bit high on it, depending on the height of the scope. An enormous number of shots are missed due to incorrect positioning of the head on the stock. With a parallel comb, the eye will be at the right height above the rib every time, no matter where the shooter's Head hits the stock.

Length of Pull

Length of Pull or (LOP) is the measurement from the middle of the trigger to the middle of the back of the recoil pad, is the next important measurement. Depending on the length of one's arms, this measurement can be 8" to 16" or so. The important thing is that the stock is not so long as to hang the butt up in your clothing when mounting.

Recoil Pad

Adjusts vertical (up or down) to raise or lower it to obtain a proper check placement and level eye position with the rib or sights on the barrel. Also you are able to set angle of cast to the butt pad as needed to be fully planted into your shoulder pocket. Air Tech’s Recoil-Pad features atmospheric chambers that produce a substantial increase in performance through uniform energy dissipation up to 70%.

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