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Precision Stock Fitting for all Shooter’s

  • It Mitigates muscular fatigue and prevents stress on the trapezes and sternocleidomastoids muscles.
  • Lessens stress on the spine by keeping the head in a more neutral position.
  • It Mitigates stress on the superior rectus muscle of the eyes.
  • It is the Ultimate ergonomics for Unlimited Setability of a shooter’s stock fit.
  • It optimizes the crossbow or rifle making it more enjoyable to shoot, which provides you with more consistency from shot to shot, with superior stability.
  • An offset (Cast) of a tube stock recoil pad to the right or left will provide faster alignment of sight picture, comfortably, quickly, and reliably to obtain faster target acquisition with the eye picture, while the butt of the stock rests comfortably in the shoulder pocket.
  • Consider drop as your elevation adjustment mechanism. Changes in the settable recoil pad to provide drop in order to have your eyes in line with your sights to get the point of impact we desire with a proper cheek weld. Form fit in the shoulder pocket for comfort.
  • Limbsaver AIRTECH recoil pad line features atmospheric chambers that produce a substantial increase in performance through uniform energy dissipation, and it incorporates anti-muzzle jump technology for faster target re-acquisition.
  • Upgraded 3/4" Thick AIRTECH Recoil-Pad
  • Eliminates the Felt Punch, Recoil impact is Absorbed up to 70%
  • Reduces Muzzle Lift
  • Setability Recoil Pad Positioning cast left or right 1 to 20 degrees
  • Heel and Toe adjustment up or down 8” Max, For Heads-up
  • Extendable (LOP) Length of Pull 8” to 16” or greater if required
  • Adds 2” to 5” of OAL to stock extension tube
  • Weight 16.3 ounces
  • Sling attachments are your choice. Not included by C-1

“The fitting of the stock to an individual is one of the highest arts of gun making. The length of stock necessary depends not only the length of the shooter’s arms, the breadth of his body and length of his neck, it also depends on the position on the left or right hand, the position of stance and finally the weight of the crossbow or rifle.”

Each adjustment effects the way the stock reacts under recoil or alters how you see your sights, where the sights are in relation to your eye and in large measure where your crossbow or rifle’s payload impacts. It is important to adjust each of these elements in a "try and see" approach in order to receive the most benefit.

AR shooters are especially prone to lifting their heads to see through the scope, the basic design of the rifle being the culprit. At a recent shooting event, I witnessed shooter after shooter with their cheek off their rifles to simply be able to peer through a scope.

One of the key components of accuracy and recoil control management is adapting proper body and head position. The shooter should have the sight eye aligned directly down the barrel with the head in a straight up position with level eyes when tube stock is against the cheekbone ledge with the anchor point.

Think of your cheekbone ledge as your anchor point, but if you can’t consistently bringing the stock check rest to your anchor point raising it to your cheek, to the same place time after time after time, without moving your head, there is a improper stock fit.

Increased Consistency, Multi Precession Fit, Increased Shootabilty, Increased optimal Performance, Lighter Weight, Better Control, Quicker Shoulder Mounting, Increased Comfort, Faster Target-to-Target Transition Times, and it has all Essential Elements to aid in shooting Consistently to Provide a Perfect Performance.

Fits all ranges of body types. It’s Simplistic Perfection that’s true fitting!

What It Does Not Do Discloser:
It does not increase or accelerate the cycle rate of fire of the receiver in any way. It does not Fit Mill-Spec Tubes.

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