AMBI ELITE Multi Setup Settings

Performance Ambi Elite Accessory
Performance Ambi Elite Accessory
Performance Ambi Elite Accessory
Performance Ambi Elite Accessory

Unlimited Multi Positional Setability providing optimal performance for the shooter


  • It optimizes the rifle or crossbow making it more enjoyable to shoot, which provides you with more consistency from shot to shot, with superior stability. Shooters who have long arms will gain more comfortable cheek weld.
  • Consider drop as your elevation adjustment mechanism. Changes in the settable recoil pad to provide drop in order to have your eyes in line with your sights to get the point of impact we desire with a proper cheek weld, Form fit in the shoulder pocket for comfort with cast on or off and settings for the heal or toe to fit your way.

Hybrid Tube-Stock System for Shooting

Setup Instructions: Assistance will be helpful for fitting.

Before installing ensure the Gun or Crossbow is SAFE and UNLOADED!

Please read the Instructions COMPLETELY before beginning.

  1. Install buffer tube to receiver.
  2. Install buffer tube clamp on the rear one inch of Buffer tube.
  3. Install post rod into the small hole of the Tube clamp and lightly tighten.
  4. Next measure from the inside of your elbow to your knuckles, this measurement will be your length of pull.
  5. Next Setting the Length of Pull ...9” to 16” Measure from the trigger out to the face of the recoil pad. Once measurement obtained tighten lock screw on tube joint to anchor post rod semi firmly.
  6. Next “Fit the Pit recoil pad” while holding the buffer tube against the sweet spot
  7. on your cheek, adjust drop of recoil pad slide down until recoil plate pad is snug in the shoulder pocket of the arm to make line of site proper while your head is in a normal upright position.. Re tighten slide lock screw firmly once obtained. Be sure your head and line of eyesight is up in a normal upright level position.
  8. Adjust Recoil Pad Angle. Positioning cast left or right with 5 to 20 degrees angle of offset to fit your needs if you like.
  9. Cast On Cast Off: the offset of the stock may be set 1 to 20 degrees by adjusting the angle of toe of the tube joint to the left or right to the shooters preference of fitting.
  10. Fine Tune and Re tighten all firmly once fit is obtained. Do Not Over Tighten!!!

Setup completed Enjoy!!

The Perfect Cast

Cast is rarely discussed but is important. In simple terms proper cast will have both the Heel (top) and Toe (bottom) of the Air Tech butt pad, fully planted into your shoulder pocket at the necessary angle to allow the tube to land against the cheekbone ledge anchor point to provide comfort with proper neutral head placement position.

It is the Ultimate in ergonomics for unlimited setability of a shooter’s tube stock fit. The USER assumes responsibility for determining the setability for a specific use and the shooters ability. No other stock system can match our multi-functional true fitting performance.

Thank You for using a C-1 Ambi Elite hybrid tube stock system
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